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Still a long way to go for Ossy and Benjamin but they are now loved and fed

Thanks to those who have enquired after Ossy, the Andalucian horse rescued by Carolin and Christina in Tarifa, our resort on Spain’s most southerly tip. The news is all good, he is putting on weight, though there is still a long way to go, and his leg wounds caused by a tether are healing well. Even better, he has adopted a special friend, Benjamin the donkey foal who Christina the vet is hand feeding as his mother’s milk dried up, leaving him in a poor condition.

The stables in Tarifa have a great record of giving horses a new lease of life and our clients often find themselves gallopping along the fabulous beach on great horses that one could  hardly  believe have come through a crisis in their lives. Swiss vet Christina works hard to restore them to ealth, not just physically but mentally. See below for the before and after pictues of Flo:

Flo when she arrived at Aventura Ecuestre
Flo now
Anyone wishing to make a donation to the upkeep of Ossy can contribute via Paypal to info@aventuraecuestre.com or by bank transfer

Rescue Pferde
Aventura Ecuestre
Bank: Banesto
IBAN: ES78 0030 4090 12 0293559273

The Riding Company will update you on Ossy’s progress and who know, maybe one of you will ride him in the future through the cork forest trails or along that fabulous beach. Visit our webpage to have a look at all that Hotel Dos Mares and Tarifa have to offer…… http://www.theridingcompany.com/uk/saddle-surf-southern-spain.htm


Tarifa beach, riding doesn’t get much better than this.



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A sand school on the beach!

The Riding Company works closely with Carolin in Tarifa, Andalucia to offer fantastic sun, sea and sand holidays for riders on Spain’s most southerley tip. Many of our riders have enjoyed a sunset gallop along the three mile beach on her beautiful Andalucian horses.
However last week we were contacted with an appeal for help from Carolin and her team as they have been asked by a local animal shelter to care for a horse found abandoned  in terrible condition alongside a busy road.

They have taken ‘Ossy’ in and have integrated him into the herd that live alongside Hotel Dos Mares and the team are appealing for donations to help them pay for the special care and veterinary fees that they have agreed to meet in order to avoid Ossy being put down. If anyone would like to help make a donation to Ossy’s care please contact Penny or Kat at the The Riding Company and we will advise you how you can do so. The Riding Company will be helping out and keep you informed about his progress.

Tarifa is a beautiful place, famed for its bohemian atmosphere, totally relaxing for riders and surfers who share the beach and the hotel’s facilities. Our clients stay in bungalow rooms where you step out straight on to the sand before saddling up for the day’s riding adventure. Every Thursday Carolin takes clients to the Jerez horse show to see the Andalucian stallions at their best demonstrating the haute ecole dressage movements that the Spanish horses are famed for.

Maybe you have ridden with us at Hotel Dos Mares and have fond memories of the gorgeous horses, or maybe you will ride Ossy himself one day in the future when we hope he will be well enough to join the stable on a permanent basis and enjoy his own beach gallops and trails up through the cork forests. We attach a picture of how he was found which we hope our blog readers will not find too upsetting.

Ossy enjoying the company of a new friend.

Please contact us should you want to help. email info@theridingcompany.com

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brooke-logoToday The Riding Company made a donation to the Brooke horse charity to train two animal workers as part of their ‘Give a gift for Christmas’ campaign.
Visit http://www.thebrookeshop.org and choose your gift – a lifesaving present for a working horse which can be ‘A month of healthy eating’ (£18.86), ‘a painkiller kit’ (£10), ‘a shade shelter’ (£36.45), a ‘fantastic fly fringe’ (£10) or even a ‘vet for the day’ (£39.31).
What a perfect Christmas present – the horse (or donkey) gets your help and you get a gorgeous gift pack to give your loved one. Each pack contains a fun card and a special gift certificate showing exactly how their present will give working animals and their poor owners a better life. Each gift also comes with two fantastic window stickers. Orders must be received by 15th December for Christmas delivery.

Visit http://www.thebrooke.org for more information.

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This autumn the Brooke, the UK’s leading charity for the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules in the developing world, launched a new campaign, HelpBoth, which draws attention to the humanitarian side of its work.

The campaign, which leads with the headline “the animal charity that helps people too”, emphasises the interdependence between animals and people, illustrating that the role of working equine animals is central to human welfare. With one donation to the Brooke, supporters can help them both.

The Riding Company donates £2 to The Brooke for every holiday booking made. You can keep up to date with snippets of news and our involvement with The Brooke here on our blog.

For more information including ways in which you can help see: http://www.thebrooke.org or http://www.helpboth.org

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The Riding Company are now giving a helping hand to The Brooke, the charity who ensure the welfare of sick horses across the globe.
The Brooke is the UK’s leading overseas equine welfare charity, whose aim is to improve the lives of horses, donkeys and mules working in the poorest parts of the world. These animals form the backbone of the economy in many developing countries, supporting countless poor communities where many people earn less than a dollar a day.
The Brooke’s mobile vet teams and community animal health workers, and their partner organisations worldwide, provide free treatment to animals and train animal owners, local healers, farriers, saddlers, feed sellers, harness and cart makers. They currently operate across nine countries in Asia, Africa, Central America and the Middle East.
Kat Tiefenthal, owner of The Riding Company said: ‘This is a really worthwhile cause, so we have decided to help The Brooke with a one-off donation, a £2 donation on behalf of every booking made, as well as helping to publicise their efforts on our website and blog.’
You can keep up to date with snippets of news and our involvement with The Brooke here on our blog.
For more information including ways in which you can help see: http://www.thebrooke.org

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