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You don’t even need to own a horse these days, if you are a member of one of the growing number of virtual horse communities. Some say it’s even better than owning a horse; you don’t get mucky and it doesn’t cost a penny.
The ‘howrse’ website (www.howrse.com) lets you ‘buy’ as many horses as you like and choose from a variety of different breeds. You can even create your own, with a customising facility item to alter the coat colours, even add wings to create your very own Pegasus or create your very own pet unicorn .
Molly, a howrse member for six months, has already clocked up 164 days. Should parents be worried that their kids are spending so long on the computer? Molly thinks not; she has learnt HTML, how to create graphics and has been introduced to book-reading circle (currently based around the series ‘Warrior Cats’). She is only 10, although there are lots of younger and older children, there are even parents and grandparents on howrse
Molly says her parents are reassured by the site’s good safety system: ‘Howrse is amazingly well moderated; if someone has been the slightest bit rude to you or nasty, you can report them to one of the many moderators. Players over 18 years of age that are trustworthy and kind can be given ‘Karma Points’ for being a good player, and lose them for being bad.’
What can you do on howrse.com? You can discover the responsibilities of caring for your own horse, (feeding them, excercises them, taking them to the vet etc…) you can buy and sell them, breed them with your friends’ horses, and even manage your own Equestrian Centre. You can also train your horse up to gain many skills and win competitions.
There are now over four millions players on howrse.com, so being a member provides a sense of ‘belonging’ to a huge online community of like-minded people. Molly says: I have friends who I can communicate with using ‘private mail’ to message each other, ‘I can also communicate by posting in the Equestrian Centre forums and posting things on my personal profile page, I can visit other peoples pages, and even start clubs and groups!’
Do a search for ‘Virtual Horse website’ and a whole host of these websites will pop up. Here are some of the established ones:
Horseland junior is also very good for children under 13 years of age. Horseland (compete in horse shows)
My Dream Stables (grow your own feed) My Dream Stable
Equine Ranch Equine Ranch
White Oak Stables (pretty graphics and nice, friendly community) White Oak Stables
A virtual horse.com (lots of adverts) aVirtualHorse.com
Pony Star (mythical virtual horse, e.g. Unicorns, Pegasus’s etc.)
There are new ones cropping up all the time. We have included a list here but do let us know if you are a member of any of these, or any news ones and what you like about them; we would love to hear from you! Post us a ‘comment’ now!
 Horse Dreams
 Olympia
 Virtual Horse Ranch
 Club Pony Pals
 Pony Box
 Arcadia
 Whinny
 Down Under Horse previously, Poor Man’s Horse
 Equine Champions
 Horse Isle
 Horse Rock Stables
 Horse Obsessions
 Equiverse
 Red Waters
 Townsend Stables
 Blue Moon Herds
 Land of Equines mystical
 Horses Forever
 National Velvet
 Capalls
 Wild Horse Island
 Shinari Isle
 Horse Eden Eventing
 The Refuge
 My Stable UK
 Dark Becomes Light
 Interactive Equine
 Horse Rescue Sim
 Canis-Equus horses and dogs
 Render Ranch a nice virtual ranch, you can breed, raise, show and sell all sort of animals

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