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Has your heritage determined your riding style?

Taking part in riding holidays with The Riding Company gives a rider a unique insight into the equestrian culture of a country.

In Portugal, it appears that men dominate the sport. 

Fit, athletic men with an appreciation of spending time under the sun, in the fresh air and at one with their horse.  Dressage is particularly popular but also evidently masculine.  Is it that the heritage of training horses for the bull-fighting ring has earned the rider the ability to perform modern-day movements with both a sense of strength and sensitivity?

In South Africa there’s a definate response to carriage driving – something often viewed as a rarity in Britain for instance.  But rewind just a couple of hundred years and trade relied upon the ability to drive wagon trains of oxen and horses across the mountains.

In Britain, hunting is the predominant equestrian sport, giving riders there a reputation for being somewhat gung-ho with bravery celebrated over riding style.

Can you tell us your country’s equestrian heritage and if it has influenced your riding style?

And, in a riding holiday are you therefore seeking something to match that style or using the experience to sample a different culture, a new outlook from the saddle?

We look forward to your comments.

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Egyptian Pyramids announced as inaugural ‘Ride & Raise’ holiday.


An epic adventure covering 255km, over 7 days and 46 hours on horseback is destined to raise over £20,000 for The Brooke this autumn.


Calling riders to see the Egyptian Pyramids from the saddle, the unique challenge is the inspiration of founder of The Riding Company, Kat Tiefenthal says, “On visiting Egypt personally last year, the need of The Brooke was obvious.  Through its veterinary service and education, The Brooke not only improves the welfare of equines but helps the individuals, families and communities who depend on such creatures for their livelihood and I felt compelled to encourage my clients to contribute to the charity’s cause.”


The ‘Ride & Raise’ scheme has therefore been devised with The Riding Company donating £500 from every rider to take part in the £1700 challenge from 14-22nd November.


Kat continues, “Working with local experts we have devised an itinerary that will take the riders into the real Egypt, riding off the tourist beat across desert and on the shores of an oasis, to stay in Bedouin tents and feast on traditional fare.  Also an Egyptologist will accompany the group as they visit cultural, historical and archaeological wonders, like the necropolises of Saqqara, Abu Sir and Dahshur.”


The trip also includes a camel ride around the Pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, a visit to a traditional Bazaar and, setting a more typical tone to The Riding Company tours, the first and final nights will be in five-star luxury.


Kat explains, “I felt the challenge needed to have an element of celebration for our riders, especially at the end of the tour when they will have a personal tour of The Brooke’s work in Cairo and present a cheque for the amount raised – coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the charity.”


With its unique itinerary, this is a one-off opportunity as The Riding Company is to create a different ‘Ride & Raise’ challenge each year.


Riders interested in taking up the Egyptian Pyramids ride – which can be funded through personal means or through sponsorship – should contact The Riding Company at reservations@theridingcompany.com or Tel 0207 917 9880 and ask for an information pack.


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